n. the awareness of the smallness of your perspective, by which you couldn’t possibly draw any meaningful conclusions at all, about the world or the past or the complexities of culture, because although your life is an epic and unrepeatable anecdote, it still only has a sample size of one, and may end up being the control for a much wilder experiment happening in the next room.




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"When we face pain in relationships our first response is often to sever bonds rather than to maintain commitment."

— Bell Hooks, All About Love: New Visions (via purplebuddhaproject)

A Gaggle Of Girls by Laura Callaghan


A Gaggle Of Girls by Laura Callaghan

"As a child I never heard one woman say to me, “I love my body.” Not my mother, my elder sister, my best friend. No one woman has ever said, “I am so proud of my body.” So I make sure to say it to Mia, because a positive physical outlook has to start at an early age."

— Kate Winslet, speaking about her daughter.  (via thatkindofwoman)